Our workshops

have been formed with the aim of providing a level of tuition in the arts which respects the fundamental skills of looking, seeing and making.  The courses we offer have, at their roots, skills which are traditional yet always contemporary.  Most are suitable for complete beginners.

Simon Cooley

has been teaching for 35 years and has always been a working sculptor.  He works in forged metal, stone and clay.  He exhibits regularly in the UK and his work is in private collections internationally.  He has also run short courses for Central St Martin’s School of Art in London.  Visit his sculpture site here: www.simoncooley.com


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Simon, you were the best possible teacher, extremely patient and encouraging. We all learnt a huge amount from a standing start and I certainly am greatly enthused to continue the good work. Anna, thank you so much for the delicious lunches


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Soup, Salad and Sculpture - Anna's revised and extended workshop recipe book has now completely sold out.  Watch this space for news of a new book!

Stone Carving and Metal Sculpture (4 days)

Learning the basics of stone carving and working with metal on a forge, the aim will be to create a sculpture of your own that uses both materials. 

Student's piece made with metal and stone in 4 days  A student's finished piece using metal and stone

Examples of (complete beginner) students' work - finished in 4 days.


Sculpting the Head and Stone Carving (4 days)

With 2 days' sculpting the head from a live model, followed by 2 days' stone carving, this is a great way to enjoy a taster of sculptural disciplines in two completely different media.

We don't run this course every year - check back in 2019.